Who’s who in the Big NI Market?

The Big NI Market is being developed by three people, Tim McKane, Trevor Steenson and Michael Osborne. So who are they and how are they going to be able to change your marketing?

Tim has over 40 years in advertising and marketing, with the last ten years focussed on digital. He has worked mainly locally, but trained in the US with McCann Erickson. He has won many awards for his copywriting, and is one of only three people in NI to have been awarded membership of D&AD, the top advertising collegitate in the UK.

But more importantly he has worked with many businesses in N Ireland across most sectors from retail with Tesco, Lifestyle Sorts, dekko, Uno to financial services for Ulster Bank, Recruitment for Grafton, FMCG for Tayto, Avondale Foods, Allied Bakeries (Sunblest and Kingsmill) and Denny Sausages, as well as business to business marketing for several software companies. Most of these were accounts won in pitches.

So Tim will be applying all his powers to get you customers, through top class professional marketing.

Trevor Steenson is our mapping and digital go-to person. He loves his maps, having worked in Ordnance Survey NI for many years, he was there when things moved from drawing boards to digital. That piqued his interest in the changing world of technology, and led to a new position in the Digital Transformation Unit of the Department of Finance.

In his role as a senior executive project manager, Trevor worked on major projects to move a lot of the day to day transactions with the Government, such as vehicle licensing, rates, health and more, online.

In the Big NI Market, Trevor is making sure that things work, that the software is in place, the uploads are functioning and the business plan is delivering.

Michael Osbourne is an experienced businessman, having set up his own small business inthe 80’s with one of the first pizza delivery companies in Belfast. As a result he knows all the ins and outs of the day to day running and marketing challenges for businesses . He then was the NI Director of the Federation of Small Businesses in Northern Ireland, meeting and supporting literally 1000s of businesses across all sectors.

He has now set up the local Business First Network, and brings his experience of helping small businesses directly to the BigNIMarket, ensuring that all the structures are in place and regulations observed.

Published by Tim McKane

40 Years in marketing communications developing award winning, pitch winning and most of all customer winning campaigns for clients across multiple business sectors from retail through health to public sector.

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