The Big NI Market is a new marketing platform for all types of business in Northern Ireland.

A New Way to Buy and Sell in NI

Frequently Asked Questions about TheBigNIMarket

What is it? TheBigNIMarket is a platform for all types of businesses in Northern Ireland to work together to create a marketing budget to compete online with Amazon, Booking.com, major retailers, other booking sites and more. How does it work? When members contribute £10 a month, we build a budget that enables us to advertise…

8 Things to Get Your Business Ready for the End of Lockdown

Spend the next few days/weeks thinking about how you can be a better business than before. Are there things that you can do with the time left to improve what you do for customers or to make yourself more efficient. Look at the competition. Online or offline, local or further afield. Customers have changed their…

TheBigNIMarket/NI Business Facebook Exit Plan –

Are you ready? Are you making plans? Is your marketing sorted? We are seeing light at the end of the tunnel, leading to a road that will bring us to a brighter future. Vaccines and reducing R numbers will mean that we can go out and about to shops and cafes, take short breaks and…

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