8 Things to Get Your Business Ready for the End of Lockdown

Spend the next few days/weeks thinking about how you can be a better business than before. Are there things that you can do with the time left to improve what you do for customers or to make yourself more efficient. Look at the competition. Online or offline, local or further afield. Customers have changed theirContinue reading “8 Things to Get Your Business Ready for the End of Lockdown”

TheBigNIMarket/NI Business Facebook Exit Plan –

Are you ready? Are you making plans? Is your marketing sorted? We are seeing light at the end of the tunnel, leading to a road that will bring us to a brighter future. Vaccines and reducing R numbers will mean that we can go out and about to shops and cafes, take short breaks andContinue reading “TheBigNIMarket/NI Business Facebook Exit Plan –”

10 Big Benefits for £10 A month in theBigNIMarket.com

TheBigNIMarket provides a service for your business. Here’s what you get. Your own page to post a photo or logo. An opportunity to tell customers why they should buy from you. Links to your website and social media Your page can be found by people looking local, browsing a sector, or simply looking around theContinue reading “10 Big Benefits for £10 A month in theBigNIMarket.com”

5 Reasons to Join theBigNIMarket.com

The team at the BigNIMarket will be creating and delivering effective marketing campaigns across multiple social media channels. They are professionals, with many years experience, who will be working to drive customers to you. The budget will be way bigger than individuals would be able to commit to marketing spend. For every ten new membersContinue reading “5 Reasons to Join theBigNIMarket.com”

7 Things to Know About Digital Marketing…

Marketing on Social Media platforms is not as simple as creating a page and putting up a post. Even if you have worked hard at getting likes and followers there is no guarantee that more than a few of them will see your post, or even read it if they do. Here are a fewContinue reading “7 Things to Know About Digital Marketing…”

Sign Up Today – TheBigNIMarket Marketing is Live!

The BigNIMarket is live, with campaigns running to attract more business for OUR members. Co-operative marketing, building campaigns to help people to Buy Better – Shop Local. If you clicked on an ad, it is because we targteted people like you, page owners, people in small businesses. It is the type of targeting we willContinue reading “Sign Up Today – TheBigNIMarket Marketing is Live!”

Join the BigNIMarket..Now.

The BigNI Market is improving this week. Here’s what’s happening: New layout, much easier for customers to interact on all platforms. New easier way to filter. Customers will find the filters and can look for different business sectors, as well as browsing around other sectors. New updated joining form. This will make it easier forContinue reading “Join the BigNIMarket..Now.”