10 Big Benefits for £10 A month in theBigNIMarket.com

TheBigNIMarket provides a service for your business. Here’s what you get.

  1. Your own page to post a photo or logo.
  2. An opportunity to tell customers why they should buy from you.
  3. Links to your website and social media
  4. Your page can be found by people looking local, browsing a sector, or simply looking around the site.
  5. Regular advertising campaigns will promote theBigNIMarket to targeted audiences. Your £10 is a contribution to the budget.
  6. Being part of campaigns that spend £100s for £10
  7. Marketing strategies developed by Tim McKane, one of NI’s leading marketing communications professionals.
  8. Special offers – put your business on the home page for customers to discover your latest promotion.
  9. Regular updates on the campaigns and developments.
  10. Being part of a co-operative marketing Group, with everyone supporting each other.

All that for £10 a month – Don’t You Miss It!

Published by Tim McKane

40 Years in marketing communications developing award winning, pitch winning and most of all customer winning campaigns for clients across multiple business sectors from retail through health to public sector.

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