7 Things to Know About Digital Marketing…

Marketing on Social Media platforms is not as simple as creating a page and putting up a post. Even if you have worked hard at getting likes and followers there is no guarantee that more than a few of them will see your post, or even read it if they do.

Here are a few things that influence how people engage with Social Media, focussing on Facebook this time.

  1. It is estimated that people scroll around two miles every day if they are average users of social media. That means they are flying past most content.
  2. Liked pages are not visible any more. Go and look at the pages you have liked, you’ll hardly remember a lot of them its been so long since you have seen a post.
  3. People are not as interested in you as you are. Why would people read posts, when most of the time they are not very interesting.
  4. Video and photos are helpful, but if they are not part of an interesting post, they do not make much difference.
  5. Social media is Social. Social means chatty, friendly, storytelling, listening, being funny. If you get stuck being corporate or salesy, you will not get too much action with your posts. Relax!!!
  6. The people you want to engagedo not all want the same things. They are individuals. Break down your audience into much smaller segments.
  7. There are literally millions of pages competing for attention. Even with promoted content, unless done well, you will not be getting great reults.

So why the Big NI Market?

By signing up to the Big NI Market, you are combining your resources with hundreds of others. Every £10 per month will be added to all the others, so eveyone benefits from a campaign that can compete with anyone in the NI Market.

Once you are in the Big NI Market, your page will always be visible in the market sector that you join. It will also be visible to people who are local to you.

Your Page shows your location, your information, your links. Every visitor has an opportunity to see you, not like being on a list of a search page, where the customer may click on you, or they may not.

So why not join theBigNIMarket, relax and let us bring you customers.

Published by Tim McKane

40 Years in marketing communications developing award winning, pitch winning and most of all customer winning campaigns for clients across multiple business sectors from retail through health to public sector.

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