The All New Big NI Market

Shows the New Big NI Market

The Big NI Christmas Market was a great success, but it was also a source of useful data and experience to help us develop the all new Big NI Market, an ongoing, totally different online shopping experience for customers, and for you to market your business.

What have we learned?

  1. The Load time was too slow. It was especially slow on the Gifts, Arts and Crafts section, as there were so many businesses there was lot of stuff to download.
  2. The mobile experience was not as good as it should have been, so we have changed it.
  3. Both generic and targeted advertising produced great results. A specific ad for Gifts, Arts and Crafts, with detailed targeting, delivered over 600 clicks.
  4. The generic ad produced over 2000 clicks.
  5. The vertical scrolling with the map was a bit glitchy.
  6. The sections worked, but we need to give customers a bit more clarity on where to look.
  7. The Look Local was the most popular with consumers.

So we are fixing and building on all of these elements. And we are now live. So you can join today.

Published by Tim McKane

40 Years in marketing communications developing award winning, pitch winning and most of all customer winning campaigns for clients across multiple business sectors from retail through health to public sector.

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