We’re not competing with Google and Facebook, we’re helping you get more from them…

Digital marketing in 2021 means Google and Facebook. Of course there are others, but these two are the giants, with nearly 70% of all digital spend.

So, of course, we are not going to compete with them, we are going to help you get more out of them. More visibility and more customers.

Here’s the state of play. Say we’re a fashion shop. We have a Facebook Page. But so do literally 100s of others in NI. We want people to see ours. So we boost a post, and spend £5.00 a day on one post. That will get us in front of a couple of thousand people, most of whom will scroll past. It might get us 10-15 clicks. And they will see lots of other ads, from people similar to us. Or if we don’t promote our page, no one will see us, at all. And it will not make much of a difference to our business. Unless we invest a lot more and create a range of ads.

As you can see from the Facebook campaign that ran for the Big NI Christmas Market, there were lots of different ads and audiences.

Or we decide to use Adwords, on Google, for people searching for Dresses, in Belfast. So we set up the ad campaign, and bid on the keywords that relate to that search, dress, dresses, red/blue/purple dresses, dresses Belfast. Here’s what comes up.

So how are we going to come up on that page, near the top? (It is called the fold and if you are below it, you are not at the game.) And how much is it going to cost? Well I had a look and £6.00 a click will just about get you some clicks. That means every time someone clicks on an ad, you get billed £6.00

So here’s what we are going to create.

Campaigns that drive people to the different sectors of the Big NI Market, where they can look at what is in their local area or browse all the shops in that sector.

A Co-operative Marketing system where everyone benefits from all the advertising by arriving at the Big NI Market, finding what they’re looking for but then having a look around, like they do when they are shopping.

With eveyone taking their pitch in the market for £10 a month and the campaigns growing as more members grow the budget, we can become the major advertiser in NI.

Consumers will discover a new online shopping experience that doesn’t need lots of clicking onto one then another web site, they can see all the pages in one place, and then decide who to visit.

Published by Tim McKane

40 Years in marketing communications developing award winning, pitch winning and most of all customer winning campaigns for clients across multiple business sectors from retail through health to public sector.

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