A Marketing Team that Grows Every Day

Marketing for small businesses is tough. There are more constraints than opportunities. Budgets, time, expertise, experience and tech all get in the way of making it easy.

So what if you team up with hundreds of others in the same boat, and worked together to get a lot more awareness for your business? And it was only £10 a month, the equivalent of one ad on Facebook for two days or one keyword on Google clicked a few times.

And your business is being promoted with multiple ads on Facebook, bringing people to the Big NI Market, every day.

Here’s how it works.

You rent your space in the market, just like in a shopping centre or on a High Street. And like them, there is a pot created with everyone’s contribution. So when people click on an ad or a post online, they arrive at the Big NI Market, where they can Look Local, Browse or search for you by name.

And as we grow so will the advertising budget, driving more and more traffic.

There will be multipe sectors and each will havea specific campaign, one we attract enough tennents, as well as benefitting from the generic avertising.

Your advertising will be run by a team headed up by Tim, who has over 40 years experience in marketing and advertising, including ten years in a digital agency. He will be sypported by experts in social media ads and Google search.

Published by Tim McKane

40 Years in marketing communications developing award winning, pitch winning and most of all customer winning campaigns for clients across multiple business sectors from retail through health to public sector.

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